Fall and Winter 2009 – 2010


The sun is still shining and our Tri Cities wind is back to its usual gale force, leaving the beautiful red maples outside the Kennels bare and the grass beneath carpeted blood red with the fallen leaves. We’re gearing up for the winter, testing heating and making sure snow shovels and de-icing stuff are handy. Louis and I are staying here this January. We can give Kathy a hand with any disasters winter may bring. Not that we look for any. Once, however, in the early days of Sagemoor Kennels, we had a sudden thaw at New Years. All the snow on the adjoining field melted, washing out the lane all the way down to Columbia River Road. Louis and I will never forget waking up in the middle of that night to hear the sound of water rushing fast, somewhere close. We put on boots and walked out to the edge of the lawn. Beneath us was a huge canyon, with mud and rocks slipping into the torrent below. We watched it rushing all the way to the road and on to the Columbia River. That’s a long story and when I ever get my Sagemoor Kennel story published you can all read about it.

In the meantime, we have something very important to tell you about.

After a great deal of work, a lot of writing and documenting, we applied for and were awarded


When you see our new Pet Care Services Association Gold Ribbon Logo in our window, or the framed Accreditation Certificate on our wall, you know that Sagemoor Kennels complies with all the "Standards of Excellence" required by the PCSA Voluntary Facilities Accreditation Program. "This is the only pet industry program which enables participating facilities to demonstrate their commitment of exceptional pet care." Pet Care Services Association was formerly the American Boarding Kennels Association.

We are one of only three boarding kennels in Washington State awarded this Accreditation.

In order to participate in this program we had to first submit extensive and detailed documentation of our animal care procedures and business policies, showing that we conform to the standards developed by the PCSA. There are over 270 detailed requirements for pet care facilities, reflecting the views of kennel operators, veterinarians, pet owners, and humane organizations and therefore representing the current "state of the art" in animal care and management. In addition to this documentation we also had an onsite evaluation from a PCSA representative to verify that our documentation did, in fact, meet these standards.

It took time to do all this, but the work gave us the opportunity to personally evaluate what we started out to do 14 years ago and have modified, changed and updated over time, meets those standards. We were also able to add to our kennel procedures and policies to cover areas we had not considered.

Fourteen years ago, when Louis and I took in our first boarder, Jake, a Landseer Newfoundland, very large and very hairy, we had already joined the American Boarding Kennels Association – later to become the PCSA. We modeled many of our ideas for the Kennel on the information, support and education we received there. We have continued to appreciate their help and opportunity for education and information they provide. Both Kathy McGuire, our manager, and myself, have passed both levels 1 and 2 of their Certified Pet Care Technician exams and our staff members, Kurese Labelle, Lori Mattox, and Sara Earls have passed Level 1. Amanda Erdman and Paula Ricci are in the process of studying the material and taking the level 1 exam.

It was our goal to have the very best boarding kennel with quality care for our guests and owners satisfied that the family member they were leaving with us would be in the best care possible. The work we put into achieving this PCSA VFA Accreditation has confirmed our belief that we have been going in the right direction all these 14 years. Now for the next 14!

"The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue." Anonymous.


Our policy requiring deposits to confirm reservations made for our busy times has been well accepted, making it easier for us to provide not only the best accommodation and care for our boarders but also peace of mind for their owners who know for certain that once they have sent in the deposit check, accompanied by their signed form, that we will call and confirm the dates they require. All they have to do is pack their pet’s bag and show up during our open hours. Here are the times we need deposits

Spring Break – starting the last week of March and through April 15th

Memorial Weekend

Summer Vacation Period – June 1st through August 31

Labor Day Weekend

Thanksgiving Week – including the weekend before and after Thanksgiving

Christmas – starting December 15 through January 3rd

Any reservations for periods of more than ten (10) days

The amount of the deposit will be 50% of total boarding charges and is payable in advance, being received no later than ten days after the reservation request is made in order for it to be confirmed.

"One reason Garfield is interesting for cat lovers is that he confirms what they’ve always suspected about cats. In Garfield they see his human aspects – his refusal to diet, his inability to walk through a room without knocking things over, and his total pursuit of warm places to curl up and sleep. He champions a lot of unpopular causes, like anti-jogging, and what’s more, he doesn’t apologize for them."

Garfield’s creator Jim Davis from an interview in People magazine.


Cecilia is getting busy with all those shampoos, clips, and toenail jobs before the holidays. But she still has some slots if you call and make an appointment. Cecilia at 545-9682

She says that with the cold weather it’s a good thing to do a little extra brushing. And in snowy weather, remember to check your pets’ paws for snowballs that build up between the pads and the claws, often causing painful sores. In spite of cold and snow, we find our boarded guests still love to get out for exercise time. We may have to bundle up, but remember, most of those dogs have fur coats already in place. But if your pet has thin fur then we’re happy to put on any warm doggy jacket you may bring for his or her playtime.


"Most dog owners are at length able to teach themselves to obey their dog."

Robert Morley, b.1908


Some of you may have received cards from us at Sagemoor Kennels sending our heartfelt sympathy and thoughts at the loss of your pet. We all try to find the opportunity to fill those cards with our memories of your pet and sometimes the cards are really full. But you may have taken a moment to read that these cards support the Morris Animal Foundation, the world’s largest private source of funding for animal health studies and the advance of veterinarian medicine.

We feel that this is a small way to aid in the research into a new drug to treat heart disease in cats, or the treatment of cardiovascular disease in dogs, especially arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC), a disease affecting boxers, English bulldogs and Labradors. We receive "Animal News" – a journal describing some of the work the Morris Animal Foundation. Here are more studies MAF funded – postoperative bleeding in greyhounds, more information about chemotherapy and lymphoma in dogs, treatments for conjunctivitis in cats, an inflammation of the eye that can lead to blindness.

So in a small way, we send you a card and know that some of the money we used to purchase that card may be helping find a cure or improve the life of those family members that are always next to us, even when gone.


Because if you haven’t read NUBS – THE TRUE STORY OF A MUTT, A MARINE AND A MIRACLE by Major Brian Dennis, Kirby Larson and Mary Nethery, then you have a great read waiting. And a great cry. Because this is a dog story worth crying over – and it has a happy ending. But when you read about all the pain and suffering Nubs went through to stay with his Marine, it says so much about what our four-legged family members can go through. Not to mention our Marines out in Iraq.

So do read it – you will want to buy it and keep it to read again and again. Great story, great photos and all true.

We may forget that the words "Won’t be Long" mean nothing to a dog. All he knows is that you are GONE." (Jane Swan)

Konrad Z. Lorenz writes "The plain fact that my dog loves me more than I love him is undeniable and always fills me with a certain feeling of shame. The dog is ever ready to lay down his life for me"

John Richard Stephens tells about how "Excavators digging through the volcanic ash that buried the ruins

of Pompeii in AD 79 discovered a dog lying across a child. The dog, whose name was Delta, wore a collar that told how he had saved the live of his owner, Severinus, three times."

If you haven’t discovered it before, and at the risk of being labeled a salesperson, I want to mention one of the best dog magazines – The Dog Culture Magazine, BARK. Subscription inquiries call 800.660.0906 or email subs@thebark.com and web site is www.thebark.com. I get nothing for sending you there.

In the latest issue there is a page on Surviving the Holidays with a recipe for meatballs, both for humans and for dogs. And if you plan a Santa picture, better prepare your pooch. Try putting on a fake beard and a pillow stuffed beneath the shirt to get his potential reaction to the real thing. And bring along the treats – a time for those meatballs. There is a more serious article on how to tell the difference between play and warming up for a fight. Good information if you plan to try those off-leash areas.

Remember our Regular Client Service Hours

Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Checkout time is 1 p.m.

Pets picked up after 1 p. m. will be charged for another night

Saturday 9 a.m. – 12 noon

Sunday OPEN EVENINGS ONLY – Pick up 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. and Drop off 6 p.m. – 7 p.m

We charge for the full day Sundays and Holiday Mondays



Labor Day and Memorial fall on Mondays and we are closed all day on those holidays, but open

5 p.m. to 7 p.m. just like Sundays and therefore we charge for the whole day.



Kathy McGuire, Manager Cecilia Stickler, Groomer

Lindsey Bull, Sara Earls, Amanda Erdman, Kurese LaBelle, Lori Mattox, Paula Ricci. Pet Care Technicians

Jenepher Field, Newsletter Editor

Louis and Jenepher Field, Owners and Care Givers


7196 COLUMBIA RIVER ROAD, PASCO WA 99301 (509 544-9682