Fall and Winter 2011 – 2012


I look back at past Newsletters and see that I always start off with

something seasonal – a description of the yard, the pasture, the trees,

the plants. So I’ll keep with tradition and tell you that yesterday the

newly mowed lawns and pastures were a green, a smooth, manicured bright green.

Today that bright green is covered with gold and red dots – shiny colored dots

of leaves because it rained last night. It’s Fall and the leaves are turning

beautiful colors – all shades of red, gold, bronze – and they have fallen.

No wonder it’s called Fall – they are still falling, slowly weaving their

way to add to the colorful carpet. When our children were little we used

to go to the park and kick those fallen leaves, even roll in them. Today

my two corgi dogs have buried their noses in the fallen poplar leaves and

nose their way through like little lawn mowers, leaving trails behind them

where the green once again shows – but not as bright as yesterday.

It’s been a busy year and we appreciate all the business our clients

and their furry family members bring us. There are many new guests to greet,

old familiar friends to welcome back, and some others, much loved by us as well

as by their families, who have passed on. Tears are shed, hugs exchanged but

memories linger. Do they ever fade? I hope not. I lost my beloved Lucy this

year. She had fourteen -plus years of running, sniffing, ball chasing, making

sure she was first for food, first out the door and first for treats. She and

I struggled for almost six months but in the end she was the first to go. She

rests under the plum trees facing the rising sun – she was always the first

to wake us in the morning.

The Fall is like that – a time for memories, for remembering what the year

has held, for thinking back, reviewing important occasions and looking at photos

and videos of those times we spent with friends, visits taken and new challenges

faced. But it is also a time for preparation, preparing for the cold of coming

winter, the dark days and early nights, for the warmth of fires and close company.

Our family pets prepare with thicker coats and staying close to home and to those

who prepare their meals! We do much the same when we check those winter coats and

boots and some of us even can the fruits of summer so we can eat well in the winter.

Preparing to board your pets can take a little time. The important item is to make sure their vaccination records are up to date. If they are in need of updating, remember to allow at least two weeks for those vaccinations to take effect. We will not accept vaccinations done only one or two days prior to boarding and that means no boarding reservation.


Our hours are still as they always have been

9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday though Friday

9 a.m. – noon Saturdau

5 p.m. – 7 p.m. Sunday

We are closed Holidays such as Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s.

Holidays that fall on a Monday, such as Memorial Day, Labor Day, are like Sundays, open only from 5 – 7 in the evening for drop off and pick up.

Payment in full is expected when you pick up your pet and we do not bill or run an account.

Please remember we DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT OR DEBIT CARDS – just cash or checks.

I know our requirement for deposits to insure reservations at our busy times is still somewhat new but would you PLEASE SEND BACK THE LETTER AS WELL AS YOUR CHECK.


“In the middle of a world that has always been a little bit mad, the cat walks

with confidence.” Rosanne Amberson – 20th century writer.



  • Please put in some nice treats in that weekend boarding bag but remember the people at Sagemoor Kennels discourage tennis balls or any small ball because they roll into the gutter and then into the drain and then someone has to fish them out – and they swear something awful when that happens. And no sticks or greenies or pig ears or horses’ hooves or ceramic bones. For so many reasons and all of them have to do with us dogs’ good health. Pity – I’ll just have to wait till we’re home!
  • Can you please stick in that old sweater – the one with the tear in the sleeve and don’t wash it first – I want to smell you on it. It makes me think you’ll be back soon.
  • Can I please have a bath before I go home? Please, pretty please! That groomer

makes us dogs smell so nice and gives us a pretty scarf to wear.




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