Special Services


Our groomer is qualified to groom all breeds of dogs and is available by appointment. She makes the grooming experience as pleasurable as possible for your pet and if they don’t want to get onto a grooming table, then she gets down on the floor with them! Our grooming services are available to all, whether your pet is boarding with us or not. Current rabies vaccinations are required.


Playtime one-on-one with a staff member is one of our special services for which there is an additional charge. Twenty – thirty minutes of walking through a tree-lined grassy path with a view of the Columbia River or ball fetching and frisbee throwing on the large grass exercise yard mean that your pet has a real opportunity to make friends with the staff. Some of the very young or very old boarders may prefer to spend their fifteen minutes just being cuddled and stroked. A treat is given when your pet returns to his or her kennel. Playtime is for cats too at an additional charge. We have a climbing tower, rocking chair, window sills and scratching posts as well as a large supply of toys for cats to chase, leap for or pounce upon and they like their treats too. For more information please contact us. If you want to make a reservation we will confirm your reservation by phone, fax or e-mail.