Boarding Services

Our State-of-the-art all indoor boarding facility is climate controlled and offers privacy for even the most timid dog. Spacious dog houses with under floor heating open on to large runs. Larger kennels and runs make it possible for two or more dogs from the same family to board together.

“Home-Style Care” is a special boarding program for the “tinies” (dogs under 12 lbs.) who have a separate Front Room with dog houses only. These special guests are taken out onto the exercise yard five time a day at no additional charge. Not all small dogs are appropriate for this program

The Cat Room is separate from the dog boarding areas. Cat condominiums have four levels, continuous air exchange and a private area for kitty litter box. Cat cages have perches and portholes so that two family cats may board together. There is a fish tank in the Cat Room and large windows give a view of the grounds and a lively bird feeder.

Fleecy blankets and stainless steel food and water bowls are provided but clients may bring their own bedding and toys for their pets. Special diets are administered upon request. Medications are administered, and monitored in consultation with your veterinarian if necessary. There is an additional charge for medication administration.