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Exercise Option

Exercise or Walk Options

When your pet is boarding with us and is not boarding in the homestye area (pets 12lbs and under) you have the option of selecting either the PLAY TIME OPTION or THE WALK OPTION for your pet. – $6.00 PER TIME

Naturally, both of these options have a fee and unfortunately can only be done up to twice a day. At no time do we allow any of the pets in our care to spend time with other boarding pets, unless the homestyle boarding.

Treats are given by staff throughout the day, so please inform us if this is not acceptable to you or your pet while boarding.

Play Time Option

$6.00 Per Time

PLAY TIME OPTION is 25-30 mins in the play yard playing fetch, frisbe, tug of war or just allowing your pet to smell the grass and enjoy the outdoors. A staff member is there with your pet at all times to make sure they are not missing human contact and most times the conversations are pretty lively and sometimes quite vocal!


Walk Option

$6.00 Per Time

WALK OPTION is 25-30 mins of walking our beautiful landscape consisting of weeping willow trees, poplar trees and luscious green fields of grass.  A staff member is there with your pet at all times.