First Time Boarder Information

Since this is your first time we would like to point out
a few common issues we have encountered over the years.

DOGS LOVE WATER – yes we know it is inconvenient to load your pet into your vehicle while he/she is wet but we try to control the use of water to the best of our ability. When a staff enters an enclosure and a pet loves the hose there is no other way of dispersing the water if your pet is directly in the stream. He/she will get wet and unfortunately will love it and sometimes it is impossible to prevent.

DOGS MAY NOT EAT DUE TO STRESS – just because your pet will eat you out of house and home he/she may not eat while boarding. Weight loss and loss of appetite are common while boarding and alternative feeding instructions should be discussed at check in.
Also if a dog does not eat while boarding supplements placed in their food bags will be wasted. Perhaps hold off on your pet’s supplements until he/she returns home

WHAT DOGS DO AT HOME! – please remember your pet is boarding in a new environment and what they do at home is NOT the same as what they will do while boarding. If you have concerns please speak with the kennel staff, we can share some of our experiences.