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Long Term Boarding

Occasionally, we have clients who need to board their pets for thirty (30) days or longer. In these circumstances we offer a 10% discount on their boarding charges. Please note the policy and procedures

Please note the policy and procedures

Full boarding charges must be paid in advance

  • Discounted price is assessed at time of pet pickup
  • If boarding is for less than the 30 days, then a refund will apply for the difference between the time boarded and the advance payment. No discount applies in this situation.
  • If boarding for longer the initial 30 day period then the discount applies to the total boarding time.
  • An additional 30 day advance deposit must be paid if boarding time is extended.
  • No discount applies for exercise, medications or other charges
  • In order for discount to apply, the boarding period must be continuous. It cannot be broken up by client or another taking the pet home during this time.
  • All shots must be up to date and should cover the length of the boarding stay.
  • Owners or friends of owners may ask to visit a boarded pet, or even take it out for a walk thinking the pet will do better during separation if it has time with a familiar person.
  • WE FIND THE REVERSE TO BE TRUE. Pets do better if they have the opportunity to get used to our staff and out routines. If a family friend, or even the owner visits, the pet expects to go home and separation trauma occurs, leaving an anxious pet. Therefore, we discourage any suggestion of visits from caring family members.