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Pet Medications

Special Instructions for your pets medications

If your pet is in need of certain medications, we can help with that, and while we NO LONGER give insulin injections or board diabetic pets we do have some specific instructions for the medications we will administer.

Special Instructions

  • Prescriptions are considered medications not vitamins, pet tabs, glucose etc. These items are considered supplements
  • We charge $4 per medication per day (not how many times given medication – just per day) The reason we charge is because we record, prepare in either cream cheese, can food meatball, hot dogs or pill pockets (if provided by owner), dispense and make sure the pet consumes the medication. In worst case scenarios we will use pill popper.
  • We DO NOT TAKE ZIP LOCK BAGS with medications in them. We must have the original prescription bottle and will follow the directions given by your vet. We cannot change or alter the instructions so if you have done so please consult your vet. If instructions are different from the bottle we will call your vet and confirm dispensing instructions for your pet’s safety.
  • Also we do require a “Veterinary okay to board” response from your vet clinic to board any pet 12 yrs or older. A simple phone call will normally do.
  • For other situations such as casts, cones, drain tubes, sutures due to sanitary reasons you would need to contact your vet for boarding.