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Special Services


Our groomer is qualified to groom all breeds of dogs and is available by appointment. She makes the grooming experience as pleasurable as possible for your pet and if they don’t want to get onto a grooming table, then she gets down on the floor with them! Our grooming services are available to all, whether your pet is boarding with us or not. Current rabies vaccinations are required.

Day Care Service

If we have the availability and you are in need of a place to house your pet from 9AM – 6PM Monday thru Friday only we can help you out. All policies would still stand such as current vaccinations and regular hours for drop off and pick up. A deposit would be required since we may be taking up kennel space during a peak boarding time from other clients. Please give us a call and discuss this option. No playtime with other pets in our care would be an option but you can purchase play time (walk or yard) for your pet during his stay.