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“You have to retire to something, not retire from something” Jenepher had lost count of the number of times she’d heard this mantra from her energetic and ambitious husband, Louis. But she didn’t imagine that upon Louis’s retirement from his orthopedic surgery practice, he would charm her into starting a business they knew nothing about, building a new house and a pet boarding kennel in the beautiful countryside of Washington State. Swept along by the current of his drive and enthusiasm, as she has been many times before, Jenepher starts to learn about boarding and caring for dogs and cats. Watch Where You Step is the story of their struggles and success, and of the ways in which they evolve and grow, finding both new points of friction and new appreciation for one another as they design and build a house and a business. They learn to expect the unexpected as they cope with issues they didn’t plan for, including septic system logistics, flash floods, unreliable employees, irrational pet owners, and pets who could teach Harry Houdini a thing or two about the art of escape. Rich threads of humor and love run through their lives as they come to realize they have invested in a business that is full of heart as well as full of mayhem. Join Jenepher and Louis on the wonderful adventure of a lifetime.